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IDEA Annual Campus Energy Conference

The International District Energy Association's (IDEA) 22nd Annual Campus Energy conference is scheduled for February 10-13, 2009 in Durham, North Carolina. This event joins energy professionals from all over the world to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities operators of campus energy systems face today. IDEA's Distribution Workshop will precede the conference, featuring panel discussions on topics including safety issues, maintenance, and training.

This year's focus, "Today's Solutions for Tomorrow's Climate Challenges", bridges the gap between manufacturers, suppliers, and energy professionals, highlighting real-world solutions and insights from some of the most efficient and innovative campus energy systems in the United States. As an on-going member of the IDEA, Nationwide Boiler will be exhibiting and displaying our energy efficient and low NOx product lines, including EconoStak economizers, CataStak SCR systems for watertube and firetube boilers, and E2Stak Solutions. Be sure to stop by our booth #30 and ask our staff how we can provide a cost effective solution to meet your efficiency demands and low NOx emission requirements.

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Freeze Protection Recommendations

The winter season is here and for many users affected by freezing temperatures it is critical that the boiler unit is properly protected. Nationwide Boiler recommends the following in order to ensure that your unit continues to operate while facing freezing conditions.

  1. Enclose both the front and rear of the boiler area and use an external heat source to minimize freezing conditions.

  2. Install heat tracing with insulation to protect exposed stagnant water lines.

  3. Utilize an appropriate heat tracing method (electric or steam tracing) to all of your main lines and piping components. This includes the following lines which should be heat traced regardless if the boiler is in operation or not (in freezing conditions): sensing lines (steam drum to CMR, high steam and steam gauge), auxiliary low-water-cut-off, water column and level control blowdown. Depending on the length of piping runs, the main and continuous blowdown should also be heat traced.

  4. In addition to heat tracing on stagnant sensing lines, drain the lines and fill them with a 50/50 (water/glycol) solution, making sure to re-connect the line.

  5. When an extended boiler down time is expected, completely drain the boiler and stagnant water lines.

The above are recommendations, however, use sound engineering judgment calls when there are concerns of possible freeze damage to the equipment. Call us if you have any further questions at 1-800-227-1966.

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