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Worldwide Boiler Delivery

STAR Delivery Options by Nationwide Boiler: Sea, Truck, Air, Rail

Equipment offered by Nationwide Boiler has been designed and packaged so that it can easily be delivered to a job site. Nationwide Boiler's "STAR Delivery Options" give you the convenience and assurance that your equipment will be delivered by any practical means possible: Sea, Truck, Air, or Rail. In addition, the company's five point program for delivery success means that you can depend on Nationwide to deliver quality equipment and cost effective solutions - anywhere in the world.

Five Point Program for Delivery Success:

  1. Scheduling – Experienced project managers will help prepare a delivery schedule that will meet the unique requirements of our customers
  2. Equipment Readiness – All equipment shipped by Nationwide Boiler is carefully prepared, packaged and documented so it is ready for you when it arrives on site.
  3. Logistical Partnerships – Nationwide Boiler has years of worldwide delivery success due to our long-standing relationships with quality and reliable logistical partners.
  4. Site Preparation – Nationwide Boiler minimizes any surprise when a boiler is delivered by providing proper drawings and documentation needed for successful installation.
  5. 24 hour Customer Service – Twenty-four hour customer support available from Nationwide Boiler gives you the peace of mind knowing that Nationwide is here to help, anytime and when you need it most.

STAR Delivery Options from Nationwide Boiler Inc.


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