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The custom control systems designed and manufactured by Nationwide Control Solutions are built not only for each unique application, but also for our fleet of over 100 rental boilers, so the equipment is proven both in the field and in our fleet. Nationwide Boiler Inc. acquired Pacific Combustion Engineering in 2017 due to their extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in providing burner management (flame safety), combustion control systems, and custom fuel trains. in 2022, the company was re-branded and is now known as Nationwide Control Solutions. 

Located in Washougal, WA, we are a UL508A and 698A recognized facility, and we provide controls integration to customers nationwide. In addition, our equipment is designed to many industry standards, including NFPA 85/86, IRI, FM and UL. With design and fabrication work completed in-house, you can trust that we will provide the highest-quality workmanship each and every time. We're dedicated to our customers and strive for your satisfaction. We have over 100 man-years of experience specifying, supplying, and servicing the combustion, boiler, and process equipment industry. We understand our equipment inside and out, and can help provide solutions related to controls integration and determine the right system for your commercial or industrial facility. Our team has the expertise to assist clients in finding cost effective solutions for their instrumentation and energy needs.

Understanding Our EquipmentCombustion Control Systems from Nationwide Boiler Inc
Combustion control and burner management systems can be considered the brain of your equipment with many key functions including the regulation of oxygen trim, excess air, and burner modulation. Control systems provide insight into what is happening with your equipment, and control safeguards that are put in place to ensure that you and your employees remain safe and the equipment works effectively and efficiently. We at Pacific Combustion Engineering design, build, install, and support these robust control systems.

Today, it is easier than ever to control your system with new technologies implementing electronic methods of combustion control. With an expertise in PLC-based and touchscreen controls, Pacific Combustion Engineering can assist with your controls integration by providing the best options on the market, with a focus on precision and efficiency.

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