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Decarbonization: What Does it Mean for the Rental Boiler Industry?

CataStak SCR System

Decarbonization relates to the reduction or ultimately the extinction of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. According to the EPA, Carbon Monoxide (CO2) makes up the vast majority of greenhouse gases released during the combustion of fossil fuels. In addition to CO2, smaller amounts of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) are also emitted during the combustion process. With majority of rental boilers being natural gas or oil fired, what does this mean for the future of rental boilers?

With over fifty years in the industry, Nationwide Boiler has excelled through similar hurdles. In 1995, we became the first and only rental boiler company to convert our entire fleet of watertube boilers to low NOx levels of 30 ppm. In 2001, we started actively utilizing our CataStak™ SCR system on package watertube rental boilers for ultra low NOx compliance, and in 2011 we developed the product further announcing the ammonia-free / urea-based CataStak™ SCR. These and other initiatives were accomplished with sustainability and environmental improvements in mind.

While our CataStak™ and EconoStak fuel efficiency products help the environment by reducing tons of greenhouse gas emissions, we realize the need to consider an alternate non-fossil fuel with the potential to replace the “transitional” fuel of natural gas. Luckily there are some alternate energy solutions available today, including bio-fuels, hydrogen-fired, solar, hydro, and electric.

One thing we know for certain is that the current production of steam cannot be displaced easily or quickly with these alternative energy solutions. Steam as we know it is used not only for heating, but for producing many everyday products like food, beverages, paper, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, gasoline, textiles, and electricity, to name a few.

With this growing move away from the use of fossil fuels and in California specifically, Nationwide Boiler has added an electric boiler to our rental fleet – and it is our intention to add more in the future. This provides an option for customers with excess electricity available, and a solution for customers wanting a zero emissions alternative. Our first electric boiler system has been built to provide 50 hp steam at operating pressures up to 150 psig. The system includes a factory integrated, pre-piped and wired duplex feedwater system, blowdown separator, and single-point electrical POC calling for a 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 HZ power supply. It is a smaller package than our standard fuel-fired mobile steam plants, and it requires a much smaller available footprint for installation.

In addition to adding electric boilers to our rental fleet, Nationwide Boiler is now a California representative for Precision resistant type electric steam boilers as well as Vapor Power electrode steam boilers. We can provide new, zero-emission boiler packages to facilities interested in pursuing a non-fossil fuel fired, steam boiler alternative.

As a company, Nationwide Boiler vows to continue to identify and assess alternative and sustainable options to help improve the environment while providing the reliable steam necessary for the many industries we serve today. For more information about what we’re doing to help the environment, visit our website our give us a call at 800-227-1966.

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