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Established in 1967 for the main purpose of providing emergency rental boilers and auxiliary equipment to steam users, Nationwide Boiler pioneered the concept in mounting large package boilers on highway-legal trailers. Since 1967 Nationwide Boiler has supported hundreds of companies and institutions in thousands of boiler installations throughout the world.

Today, Nationwide Boiler is now involved in virtually every other aspect of the boiler industry including boiler system sales, leasing, turnkey installations, boiler parts, operations, service and repair. Our commitment to supply the most technologically advanced equipment has been demonstrated by the conversion of our entire fleet of rental boilers to meet low NOx emissions and our ongoing development of high-capacity mobile boiler rooms and portable steam plants for maximum steam capacity. The development of the Nationwide Boiler CataStak SCR system and Best Performance Standards boilers contribute to our reputation as the leader in providing solutions that substantially decrease GHG emissions and increase plant efficiency.

With headquarters in Fremont, California, and sales representatives across the globe, Nationwide Boiler continues to grow and expand.Our Central Valley Sales Office in Visalia, California opening in 2015, and Pacific Combustion Engieering / Ponder Burner Company was acquired in 2017 to form Nationwide Boiler's Controls Division. The panel fabrication facility is UL508A & 698A certified, providing the highest safety standards on our burner management and combustion control systems. In 2021, Nationwide Boiler opened a new storage and maintenance facility in Alvin, Texas to better support our customers in the Gulf Coast. 

Nationwide Boiler's seasoned and strong management teams, outstanding engineering, sales and service offices throughout the world, our long-lasting partnerships, and our positive vendor relations have helped the company grown to a position of leadership recognized throughout the industry.

Five Decades of Firsts

1967 – The mounting of a new 20,000 lbs/hr O type package watertube boiler on a permanent highway legal trailer, signaling the start of an entirely new business on the West Coast.
1972 – 24,000 lbs/hr boiler mounted on a dedicated trailer.
1978 – Nationwide network of sales and service representatives was assembled.
1980 – Economizers (later branded as EconoStaks) are offered with each boiler rental to increase efficiency and provide an immediate savings in the cost of fuel.
1981 – First 52,000 lbs/hr trailer-mounted boiler was introduced.
1982 – High-pressure 40,000 lbs/hr, 650 psi, trailer-mounted boiler was introduced.
1985 – Introduction of the first 60,000 lbs/hr, trailer-mounted boiler.
1989 – Introduction of high capacity mobile boiler rooms featuring firetube boilers in a range of sizes.
1990 –“Used Package Boiler Condition Inspection System” was developed to assure buyers of the worth of used boilers.
1993 – 120,000 lbs/hr trailer-mounted package boilers were introduced, weighing over 123,000 lbs and measuring over 52 ft long. The world’s largest mobile boiler.
1994 – World’s largest mobile feedwater system was designed, built, and put into service, able to process 300 gpm.
1995 – Nationwide Boiler became the only company to convert its entire watertube mobile boiler rental fleet to low NOx levels of 30 ppm.
1995 – First 9 ppm, low NOx, trailer-mounted boilers were introduced.
1997 – Regional partnership companies were created, in conjunction with established boiler rental firms, to serve customers in each of the five major industrial markets in the U.S.
1998 – High-capacity 650 hp mobile boiler rooms were introduced using X-ID tubes for 85% higher capacity.
1998 – 75,000 lbs/hr, high-pressure trailer-mounted boilers were added to the fleet in two models – 750° F superheat temperature and saturated steam conditions.
1999 – First demonstration project of an SCR system for ultra low NOx performance.
2000 – First 650 hp ultra low NOx mobile steam plant was introduced, signaling Nationwide Boiler’s commitment to providing “green” products in the new millennium.
2001 – New product announcement of the CataStak™ SCR System, proven to reduce NOx emissions to as low as 5 ppm.
2004 – Introduction of the 82,500 lbs/hr trailer-mounted boiler designed for 99.9 mmbtu/hr input to facilitate air permitting.
2007 – Introduction of the E2Stak, providing high efficiency with low emissions in one complete package.
2008 – Formation of Nationwide Boiler’s Environmental Solutions Business Unit is open for business.
2008 – Development of a new "smart" control system for NOx reduction on CataStak™ SCR systems.
2008 – High efficiency, ultra low NOx boiler system completed, achieving 95% thermal efficiency and NOx emissions of less than 2.5 ppm.
2009 – Nationwide Boiler is the first boiler rental and boiler systems supplier to launch a “Boiler Blog” for industry news and technical information on the world wide web.
2009 – The CataStak™ SCR system’s technology goes beyond package watertube boilers and is applied to firetube boilers, gas turbines, HRSG's, fired heaters and other demanding applications.
2011 – Introduction of the Ammonia-Free CataStak™-FT, utilizing a common diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), a safe liquid urea solution.
2012 – Development of the Ammonia-Free CataStak™ to include large watertube boilers, in addition to firetube boilers.
2012 – A new 33,070 lbs/hr Babcock & Wilcox Model FM10 superheat natural gas fired package boiler supplied to a refinery located in Africa, expands Nationwide Boiler's global breadth. To date, Nationwide Boiler has provided boiler equipment to end-users located in six of the seven continents.
2013 – Nationwide Boiler completes the first Ammonia-Free CataStak™ for two package watertube boilers and installs a new CataStak™ for refinery fired heaters.
2015 – World's largest high-pressure, 750°F superheat, trailer-mounted package watertube boiler introduced. Rated at 110,000 lbs/hr, it weighs 220,000 lbs, measures over 97 ft long, and includes a burner management system that is SIL2 rated.
2016 - Introduction of the first 125,000 lb/hr, 750 psig design, saturated steam trailer-mounted boiler. This becomes the world's largest trailer-mounted boiler.
2016 - Long time president Jeff Shallcross retires and Larry Day becomes President & CEO of Nationwide Boiler Inc. 
2017 - Nationwide Boiler Inc. acquires Pacific Combustion Engineering / Ponder Burner Company, located in Washougal, WA. The company is a well known panel fabricator and manufacutrer's representative, and brings Nationwide nine new talented employees in addition to a broad product offering including custom control panels, burner management and combustion control systems.
2018 - First-ever temporary rental boiler projects utilizing a urea-based CataStak SCR system, ideal for customers adverse to the strict handling requirements of ammona.
2018 - Nationwide Boiler Inc. secures their largest rental project to date and the largest project in the rental boiler industry, supplying three (3) 200,000 lb/hr package watertube rental boilers, one (1) plant master workstation, and one (1) deaerator with feedwater pumps to Saudi Aramco in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. The rental lasted two years and was converted to the company's largest equipment sale, finalized in 2020.
2021 - Nationwide Boiler opens a new Houston Area facility for the storage and maintenance of rental boilers, feedwater systems, and other boiler auxiliary equipment to support customers in the Gulf Coast. The facility is located in Alvin, Texas.