Mobile, trailer-mounted rental boilers were designed to provide a time-efficient solution that allows facilities to avoid downtime and lost production. Nationwide Boiler pioneered the first package watertube boiler mounted on a highway-legal trailer, a unit built to produce just 20,000 lbs/hr of saturated steam. Today, our fleet of rental boilers are offered in a variety of sizes, with the world’s largest trailer-mounted, mobile rental boilers providing up to 125,000 lbs/hr of saturated steam production and 110,000 lbs/hr of superheated steam production. Our fleet offers versatility like no other in terms of capacity, type, and emissions output. With low and ultra-low NOx package boilers, CataStak SCR system rentals for single-digit NOx compliance, electric boiler packages for zero-emissions, and the ability to fire hydrogen-blend fuels in our fleet of package watertube rental boilers, we are sure to have a solution for any temporary rental boiler need. 

A rental boiler can be utilized for several different reasons, including increased steam requirements, peak / seasonal demand, planned maintenance, equipment retrofits, research and development projects, or emergency repairs. While temporary boilers supply the additional steam production often lost in these scenarios, there are other options also offered on a temporary rental basis for most equipment found in the boiler room. Knowing what is available and preparing in advance can help ensure a successful rental project.

Download our Emergency Preparedness Guide today to get prepared for the next time you need a temporary steam plant or rental boiler.