Urea-Based CataStak SCR System

Based on Nationwide's proven CataStak™ SCR system technology, the urea-based CataStak SCR system has been economically designed to provide reliable NOx performance for firetube and watertube boilers using a safe 32.5% urea solution. Utilizing direct injection of urea, this safe, low NOx SCR solution provides greater than 90% NOx reduction and eliminates the need for boiler operators to store or handle ammonia, while ensuring reliable operation of your boiler system.

The urea flow control skid consists of a control panel with PCL touch screen HMI and air-atomizing injectors. A day tank can be supplied for storage, or standard urea totes can be utilized. The innovative design and features of this pre-packaged system assures minimum ammonia slip, maximum NOx reduction and easy installation and setup, while providing a safe alternative for ammonia based SCR systems.

 Quick Facts About Urea (DEF)

- Mixture of high purity, synthetic, automotive grade urea and deionized water
- Non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-explosive
- Classified as minimum risk
- Safe when it comes in contact with skin
- Most diesel-powered on-road vehicles produced since 2010 utilize SCR technology and DEF
- Safe alternative to ammonia

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