Service Capabilities

Pacific Combustion Engineering / Ponder Burner Company is a unique organization in combustion-related products, instrumentation, field service, and system design. We provide boiler, combustion and process related service and maintenance to customers in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. We are staffed with trained and certified technicians that have broad application experiences including the service, installation, manufacturing, and repair of boilers, dryers, incinerators, instrumentation, and ovens. Our industrial practice is diverse, with industries ranging from high-tech, food processing, metals, petrochemical, wood products, and power generation plants.

Our service department is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide emergency support to get your plant back up and running quickly.

Service Capabilities Include:

- Boiler Inspections (annual & semi-annual)
- PLC Support (A-B, Honeywell, Siemens, Modicon)
- Combustion Analysis & Emissions Testing
- Instrumentation Service & Calibration
- Fuel Train & Burner Maintenance
- Honeywell & Fireye Flame Safeguard Support
- ASME Boiler Efficiency Testing



- Flame Safeguard Controls
- Controls Troubleshooting & Repair
- Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Support
- Service of Linkage-less Burner Control Systems
- Stand-by Propane / Air Blending
- 24/7 Emergency Assistance