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Benefits of a Trailer-Mounted Boiler

  • Quick response - Boilers are mounted on dedicated highway-legal trailers and can be dispatched to a job site, frequently in just a few hours.
  • Flange-to-Flange Solutions - Boilers are designed and engineered so all you have to worry about are connections to utilities and electrical requirements.
  • No cranes or rigging required - There is no need for special handling to load or unload boilers at either your facility or the storage yard. This saves the user time and money.
  • Simple to position and install - Custom dedicated trailers facilitate the maneuverability of trailer-mounted boilers.
  • Fast, easy start-up - Because trailer-mounted boilers are essentially self-contained, only a connection to an electrical power source, water and fuel supplies, and a steam header are required for operation.

Trust Nationwide Boiler to provide not just reliable rental boiler equipment but the complete support package with "Integrity, Dependability, and Real Customer Service".