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DFW_Ds_Boiler.pngNationwide Boiler represents Superior Boiler for the sale of package watertube boilers to customers throughout the West Coast and Texas. In addition, we partner with Superior Boiler as the exclusive representative for the rental and sale of their innovative DFW Boiler, an option that provides the same capacity as a standard boiler in a smaller footprint.

When long lead times aren't an option, you can count on our large inventory of new and reconditioned boilers, often available for quick ship needs. This includes our 100,000 lb/hr, 399 psig design saturated steam Superior DFW watertube boilers, and our "World Boiler" - a B&W FM120-124, 200,000 lb/hr superheat steam skid-mounted package boiler. Nationwide Boilers are available for rental, lease-to-own and for outright purchase. 

The table below showcases typical arrangements for our fleet of package boilers, however additional sizes and configurations are available upon request. Balance of plant equipment, such as a deaerator, water softener, blowdown heat recovery, and CataStak SCR system can also be added. Additional critical options are available, including but not limited to:

Mud Drums
SIL 2 or 3 Control Panel
Steam Flow Transmitter & Recorder
Heating Coil
Safety Valve Vent Stacks & Silencers
Oxygen Analyzer
Platforms & Ladders
Three Element Feedwater Control
Natural Gas Regulator

Benefits and Advantages of the DFW Boiler Design
  • Decreased footprint with the same capacity, when compared to current designs 
  • Smaller fan horespower requirements to reduce operating costs
  • Reduced emissions due to a lower thermal NOx 
  • Competitive pricing when compared to other options

Click the links in the table for details, and contact us today for a quote!


Capacity Type Design Pressure Temperature Manufacturer
200,000 lb/hr 750 psig / 750F  Superheat  B&W
150,000 lb/hr O - DFW 500 psig  Saturated  B&W
125,000 lb/hr O 750 psig   Saturated  B&W
110,000 lb/hr 750 psig  / 750F  Superheat  B&W
100,000 lb/hr O - DFW 399 psig   Saturated  Superior
85,000 lb/hr O - DFW 750 psig / 750F Superheat Superior
82,500 lb/hr O 399 and 350 psig   Saturated  Superior / B&W
75,000 lb/hr 750 psig / 750F  Superheat B&W
75,000 lb/hr 750 psig  Saturated  B&W
70,000 lb/hr O 300 and 400 psig   Saturated  C-B
50,000 lb/hr O - DFW 650 psig Saturated Superior
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