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Boiler Rentals by Nationwide Boiler

Nationwide Boiler's large fleet of rental boilers includes 75,000 lb/hr, 750 psig trailer-mounted package watertube boilers. These saturated steam rental boilers come standard with an economizer for added fuel efficiency. The economizer, forced draft (FD) fan, economizer piping, and safety valves are shipped loose on a seperate flatbed for installation at the job site. The boiler is mounted to a highway-legal trailer for true rental boiler mobility, and the trailer is uniquely configured with a gooseneck and running gear that is removeable for a space-saving option as needed.  

75K_Sat_Trailer_Mounted_Boiler.jpgThe complete trailer-mounted rental boiler package includes the following:

  • Package Watertube Boiler
  • Low NOx Burner
  • PLC-Based Combustion Control Panel
  • Forced Draft Fan, Motor & Starter
  • Complete Fuel Train & Pilot Ignition System
  • Water Column & Site Glass
  • Steam Pressure Gauge
  • Low-water Cutoffs
  • Safety Valves (loose)
  • Pre-piped Feedwater Stop & Check Valves
  • Pre-piped Blowdown Valves
  • Continuous Blowdown Metering Valve
  • Chemical Feed Valve
  • Steam Non-Return Valve (loose)
  • Stack (loose)
  • EconoStak Economizer (Loose)
  • NEMA 4 Electrical Enclosures

Plus! As an option, we can offer our CataStak™ SCR system for 2.5 ppm ultra-low NOx emissions compliance. 


Steam Capacity 75,000 lb/hr
Steam Temperature Saturated
Design Pressure 750 psi
Operating Range 350 - 650 psi
Standard Fuel Type Natural Gas (#2 Oil / Hydrogen-Blend Options)
NOx Emissions (natural gas) 98 ppm (2.5 ppm Option)
Boiler Type Watertube


Download the full rental boiler specification for additional details.


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