Food Processing

The food processing industry relies heavily on companies like Nationwide Boiler to provide temporary steam for seasonal production, especially every summer when tomato season rolls around. To keep the industry running, it is vital that Nationwide stock an adequate amount of trailer-mounted boilers in anticipation of an abundant harvest, on top of equipment already rented out to customers in other industries.

The food processing industry has become highly technological and sophisticated as a result of strict air quality compliance requirements and the need to increase production and capacity.  As the largest state in the nation, California accounts for over 90% of U.S. production and approximately 35% of world production, making Nationwide Boiler, a local supplier, a critical component in helping food get from fields to tables across the world.  The food processing industry will continue to heavily rely on Nationwide Boiler’s wide range of low NOx boiler products and ultra low NOx CataStak SCR solutions to make certain the world stays fed.



Project Spotlights:

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E2Stak Installation Achieves Ultra Low NOx and High Efficiency
Replacing Brick Set Boilers with Ultra Low NOx Boiler Package
BPS Upgrade with E2Stak Yields Energy Savings, Decreased Emissions

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