CataStak SCR System Exceeds NOx Guarantee at Food Processing Facility in Southern California - Nationwide Boiler Inc.
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Fremont, CA, April 10, 2020

Nationwide Environmental Solutions, a leading manufacturer and supplier of the proven, ultra-low NOx CataStak™ SCR System, has announced successful source test results from a recent CataStak™ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system installation. The new emissions control equipment was installed above the existing boiler outlet and on the rooftop of a food processing facility in Southern California, a location with one of the most stringent air districts in the country. Nationwide Environmental guaranteed NOx output from 40 ppm down to 5 ppm but exceeded the guarantee, with source tests revealing just 1 ppm NOx and 1 ppm ammonia slip.

Nationwide Environmental worked with MDH Boiler Service to supply an anhydrous ammonia-based CataStak SCR system and burner retrofit for an existing 475 hp firetube boiler. With operating temperatures lower than a typical SCR application, a system with a more robust design was supplied. Nationwide Boiler also provided a 350 hp mobile steam plant rental to minimize production downtime during the installation of the new equipment.

The boiler/burner/SCR system package is now in operation and in compliance with the strict regulations of the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). With nearly 200 total installations, this is the company’s 100th CataStak SCR system supplied for a permanent equipment application.

Nationwide Environmental Solutions, a strategic division of Nationwide Boiler Inc., has offered CataStak™ SCR Systems for a broad variety of ultra-low NOx applications for nearly twenty years. With headquarters in Fremont, CA and multiple satellite offices and representative firms located throughout the United States, Nationwide Environmental supplies proven, quality solutions to enhance both emissions and efficiency for many demanding applications. These applications include package boiler systems, fired heaters, gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, and more. For additional information, visit


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