Colleges, Universities & District Heating Plants

If you want heat, you need steam and Nationwide Boiler has provided that steam to colleges, universities and district heating plants all over the world.

Colleges, universities and district heating plants are at the forefront of providing higher efficiencies and lower emissions due to advancements in cogeneration (combined heat and power) and other system wide innovations. As the need for heating penetrates and continues to rise, Nationwide Boiler is committed to supply boiler solutions that deliver a steady source of steam for temporary or permanent use by any college, university, or district heating plant worldwide.

Project Spotlights:

Duke University Relies on Temporary Boiler During Fuel Conversion
Ultra Low NOx Emissions & Improved Efficiency with E2Stak Solution
Emergency Mobile Feedwater System Eases Catastrophic Event
Watertube Boilers Easily Meet NOx Requirements with Ammonia-Free SCR
Rapid Response & On-Site Support Near Ground Zero

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