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With over 50 years of experience in the boiler industry, Nationwide Boiler has completed numerous successful projects providing temporary rental boiler equipment, new and reconditioned boilers, our CataStak SCR system for ultra low NOx compliance, and efficiency enhancing solutions. Check out our library below for various project case studies.

rental boiler install
Temporary Boiler Projects
Boiler Equipment Takes Middle Eastern Voyage for Excess Steam Supply
Emergency Mobile Feedwater System Eases Catastrophic Event
Emergency Steam Plant Allows Operations to Continue
High Pressure Superheat Rental Boiler During Oil to Gas Conversion
Rapid Response & On-Site-Support Meet Emergency Requirements
Short-Term Boiler Rentals Provide Cost-Effective Solution
Superheat, Low NOx Boiler Used for Start-up
Temporary Steam Plant Provides Relief During Post Wildfire Assessment
Temporary Steam Plant Keeps Mill Operating During Boiler Changeover
Temporary Steam Plant Provides Uninterrupted Service
 200K Boiler Install
Boiler Equipment Sales

Addition of Package Boiler Ensures Meeting Contractual Obligations
Coal to Natural Gas Conversion at Duke University
New 110Kpph Superheat Boiler Provides Increased Steam Capacity
New 200Kpph Boiler & CataStak SCR Helps Refinery Lower Emissions
New Boiler Installation Increases Process Plant Production
Replacing Brick-set Boilers with Ultra Low NOx Package Boiler
Self-contained Transportable Steam Plants for U.S. Navy
SCR Install
Emissions & Efficiency Solutions

Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR Innovation
Ammonia-Free CataStak SCR - Cogeneration - Auxiliary Boilers
BPS Upgrade Yields Energy Savings, Decreased Emissions
CataStak SCR System & Burner Upgrade Helps Achieve Steam Reliability
CataStak SCR System Retrofit Simplifies Consent Decree Compliance
CataStak SCR System Upgrade & BPS Rental Boiler Solution
CataStak SCR System Upgrade Demonstrates Near Zero NOx Emissions
E2Stak System Achieves Ultra Low NOx Emissions & High Efficiency
Emissions Upgrades to Achieve ROI
Future NOx Compliance - Burners vs. SCRs
Ultra Low NOx Emissions and Improved Efficiency with E2Stak Solution

NBI Sign and Boiler 

Build, Own, Operate & Maintain Program
Supporting an Engineering Services Contractor
Rental Boilers for Fuel Conversion Projects