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About Nationwide Boiler

Nationwide Boiler contributes our knowledge to the industry by cultivating educational articles for a variety of different industry magazines. Topics covered include emergency preparedness and contingency planning, preparing for a temproary steam plant, ultra low NOx solutions, freeze damage prevention, control system testing, and more. In addition, Nationwide Boiler has been spotlight featured in multiple business magazines discussing our past accomplishments, current goals, and future expectations. Check out our complete library of publications below. 

TodaysBoiler Cover 

Today's Boiler Magazine

Boiler SCR Technology: A Pivotal Step Toward Environmental Safety (2024)
Bigger is Better: Rental Boiler Edition (2023)

New DFW Partnership Between Superior and Nationwide Boiler (2022)
Refinery Expansion Project: Packaged Rental Boilers with Urea Based SCR's (2022)
Future of Servicing Boiler Equipment: Remote Service Engineers (2022)

Combustion Control: Safety and Design Features (2021)
Selective Catalytic Reduction for Temporary Boilers (2019)
Building the World's Largest Mobile Boiler Room (2016)
Freeze Damage Prevention: Temporary Boilers (2015)
Evolution of Rental Boilers (2015)
Detention Center Keeps NOx In With Ammonia-Free SCR (2014)

Converting to Natural Gas - Are You Ready (2014)
Innovative NOx Reduction Helps Meet Local Regulations (2013)
Reducing NOx While Keeping Expenses & Emissions Down (2012)
Rental Boiler Considerations (2010)
Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Emissions (Fall 2009)
Total Plant Solutions: The SCR Approach (2009)

 BIC Cover

BIC Magazine

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges with Stock Boiler Equipment (2022)
The Rental Boiler Solution for Temporary Steam Needs (2022)
Selecting the Right Reconditioned Boiler (2021)

Rental Boilers to Solve Production Losses (2021)
Virtual Functional Acceptance Testing Now a Reality (2021)
Delivering Reliable Boiler Solutions (2020)
Selective Catalytic Reduction for Temporary Boiler Applications (2020)

ProcessHeating Cover 

Process Heating Magazine

Testing Critical Control Systems (2021)
Protecting Rental Boilers from Freezing Conditions (2020)
How Temporary Boilers Can Support Seasonal Demand (2019)
6 Tips for Improving Efficiency and Reducing NOx (2018)
5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Used Boiler (2017)
Combustion Controls for Boilers (2016)
10 Tips for Preparing a Temporary Steam Plant (2015)
Boiler for Rent (2013)
Ten Ways to Improve Efficiency for Gas-Fired Boilers (2010)
Managing Emissions (2008)

ChemicalProcessing Cover


Preparing for Temporary Steam Outages with Rental Boiler Equipment (2021)

ChemicalProcessing Cover

Chemical Processing Magazine

Steam Systems eHandbook - Forestall Steam System Outages (2019)

PowerEngineering Cover

Power Engineering Magazine

Boiler Upgrades & Conversions (2013)
NOx Limits Met with Ammonia-Free SCR Solution (2013)


National Association of Power Engineers

NAPE - Rental Boiler Considerations (2008)

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Company Spotlight Feature Articles

Simmering with Success (2019)
Big Projects, Big Breakthroughs (2018)
Nationwide Boiler at a Glance (2018)
Not Just 'Nationwide' (2017)